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ARM-Based COM Modules? Let’s Take a Step Back and Look at This

By now most people in this industry have become aware of a new trend in the form of ARM-based small form factor modules that are beginning to appear from a number of vendors. While ARM,Read More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Adlink Technology Acquires 100% of Lippert Embedded Computers Adlink Technology has announced the 100% share acquisition of Lippert Embedded Computers GmbH in Germany for approximatelyRead More...

Technology Deployed

Future Proofing through Portable Software

Developing and deploying an embedded device is a complex and risky task. The embedded systems market is constantly changing as customers demand higher performance, more features and a lRead More...

Technology in Context

FPGAs Mix It Up with CPUs – The Era of the SoC FPGA

Semiconductor devices that integrate FPGA fabric, hardened CPU subsystems and other hardened IP—SoC FPGAs—have launched a new era that will lead to their broad proliferationRead More...

Technology in Systems

Embedded Systems and Digital Signage: A Natural Fit

When it comes to digital signage, the present looks nothing like the past. Traditionally, these devices, in the form of billboards, kiosks and monitors, were simple electronic screens wRead More...