Editor's Report

The Fabric of the Cloud

With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, with the proliferation of machine-to-machine (M2M) systems and with the growing need for embedded devices to make vast amounts of data aRead More...

Technology Deployed

Solving Data Transport Challenges in Radar and Sensor Applications

The military and various national security agencies use high-power radio monitors, remote surveillance, satellite imagery and radar systems to monitor and detect hostile and illegal actRead More...

Technology in Context

Power Architecture Combines Rich Features for Embedded

Power Architecture processing technology is the common thread for a very broad range of devices, based on 32/64-bit Architecture. It is a ubiquitous architecture with more than a billioRead More...

Technology in Systems

Android—At Last A Ubiquitous Embedded OS?

This article is the third in a series written for RTC discussing the potential and reality for developing and deploying embedded systems using Android. The first, “Android Moves BRead More...