Editor's Report

Family of Accelerated Processors Opens the Doors to New Embedded Possibilities

The concept of combining multicore x86 functionality with a powerful parallel architecture graphics processing engine on the same piece of silicon has come of age and could significantlRead More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Android Patent/Copyright Suit Remains Murky—and Potentially Ominous The titanic struggle between industry giants Oracle and Google—along with giant egos—over somethinRead More...

Technology Deployed

Key Considerations for Designing Low Cost, Energy Efficient Smart Grid Devices

Our society’s ever-demanding energy needs have not only led to an increased investment in alternative renewable sources, but have also forced us to look at ways to effectively manRead More...

Technology in Systems

Keeping up with Embedded Development—The New User Interface

From medical devices to in-car infotainment touch screens, consumers now rely on and expect the ease and convenience of intelligent embedded systems. As a result, embedded designers musRead More...