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Accelerating Build and Test Leads to Faster Software Deployment—A Really Big Deal with Android

Before you can release a software product, you have to test it; you have to verify it through quality assurance, you have to configure it for specific physical environments; you haveRead More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

SGET Certifies Computer-on-Module Standard for ARM/SoC Processors SGET, the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies, has passed its first standard. The new global standard uRead More...

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PCI Express Fabrics Break Through I/O Limitations

Matching CPU and I/O performance is an ongoing challenge for evolving industrial embedded designs. High-performance data processing applications require greater and greater processinRead More...

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SequenceL: An Elegant and Efficient Approach to Exploiting the Power of Parallelism

In 2004 CPU providers made a major shift; rather than increasing the clock speed to increase the performance of each new chip generation, they began to add more processors cores to tRead More...