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Industry Insider

GizmoSphere Welcomes Newest Partner: Embedded Linux Expert Timesys GizmoSphere, the embedded development community and support center for x86-based open source designs, has gained its Read More...

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Strategies for Fabrics—Some Choices Settled While Others Go On

There are a number of commonly available implementations of se-rial fabrics available to designers and OEMs. These include both board-to-board as well as box-to-box applications. After Read More...

Technology Connected

Compiler Optimization: Getting the Most out of High-Level Code

Microcontrollers used to be very simple. They had no pipelining, a limited set of registers and the only peripherals were I/O ports that the hardware designer tied to other pieces of haRead More...

Technology in Systems

Getting the Heat Out of Ever Smaller Systems

Demand for performance in computer systems continues to grow, and the embedded systems used in mobile or exposed applications are no exception. What is exceptional in these applicationsRead More...