Editor's Report

“Dot-Org” Boards Signal a Shift in Development Strategies

The prototype. It doesn’t have to be pretty. The board doesn’t have to be the right size and shape. It can have wires hanging off it. It can have instruments attached to it.Read More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Updated 2.0 Specification of the Multi-Platform Qseven Standard SGET, the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V., has refined its 2.0 version of the Qseven standard. The Read More...

Technology Connected

Using Wi-Fi to Connect Embedded Systems with Mobile Devices

Embedded systems are not limited to simple 8-bit controllers; many are sophisticated and self-contained computer systems. These advanced embedded systems can support color LED displays,Read More...

Technology Deployed

Championship ARM Wrestling: Tips for Getting the Most out of ARM Cortex-M3 and M4 Microcontrollers

Many embedded developers are familiar with the ARM Cortex processor architecture, but few have the opportunity to become intimately acquainted enough with this popular architecture to tRead More...

Technology in Context

VITA 74: Small, Conduction-Cooled, Rugged and Modular

The VITA 74 committee was chartered by the VITA Standards Organization in May 2010 and soon attracted a diverse group of suppliers and potential customers for the new standard. The sponRead More...

Technology in Systems

Fiber Optic Sensing Opens New Capabilities for Structural Analysis

Understanding how engineering structures respond to loads and their environment is of paramount importance for their successful design and reliable operation. Analyzing the strains, strRead More...