Editor's Report

Mobile Graphics CPU Promises High Performance Embedded for both Graphical and Compute-Intensive Applications

Many years ago in the late 1970s, I attended one of the early personal computing shows where the new system from a major vendor (who shall remain nameless) was being introduced. This paRead More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

ETSI Delivers Report on Cloud Computing Standards The European Telecommunications Standards Institute has made public its final report from ETSI’s Cloud Standards Coordination iRead More...

Industry Watch

FPGA-based Front-End Processing with VPX

Complex systems—such as real-time image processing, electronic warfare systems and software defined radio platforms—require real-time execution of complex math functions. InRead More...

Technology Core

Android for Embedded: The Good, the Bad and the [insert adjective here]

Android, Google’s mobile phone platform, has now climbed to the top of the embedded OS heap, where it reigns together with other versions of Linux and FreeRTOS. The ascendency of Read More...

Technology in Systems

Building Power Efficient, Context-Aware Mobile Systems

Take a quick look at the latest generation of smartphones from leading manufacturers and one conclusion quickly becomes apparent. Designers are continuing to add new levels of intelligeRead More...