June 2003

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Editor’s note: Since our April editorial that touched on this subject, we have received the following letter from The Open Group. Since RTC does not have a regular letters seRead More...

Industry Insight

Connectors Transform For High-Speed Work

Once relegated to a mere afterthought decision, connectors are now playing a key role in the bus board industry’s development efforts. Driving this is the industry’s move awRead More...

Industry Watch

Prototyping & Testing for Switched Fabrics

Network Address Translation Finds a New Role in Embedded Systems

Software & Development Tools

Essential High Availability for Embedded and Real Time Systems

In the past, making an application highly available involved custom programming, with the high-availability code intertwined with the application code. Unfortunately, such a custom prRead More...

The Service Availability Forum Application Interface Specification

The Service Availability Forum (SA Forum) is an industry coalition of computer and communications companies that are dedicated to producing specifications that enable the developmRead More...

Tech Feature

FPGAs and Multicomputers: A Formidable Blend

In embedded multicomputer systems the use of FPGAs alongside more traditional microprocessors and digital signal processors (DSPs) has moved from novelty to necessity. For certainRead More...

Reconfigurability Brings Computing to a New Level

As an interesting discussion topic, reconfigurable computing is far from new to the embedded system realm. But the technology’s application has been limited so far, partly becauRead More...

Heterogeneous Processing Meets System Level Needs

FPGAs Step Into DSP Shoes

Technology in Context

VITA Standards Organization Studies New Mechanical Formats