December 2006

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Communications Platforms Trade Association Completes First InteropFest The Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA), an association of communications platform and buildinRead More...

Industry Insight

PC/104 Enables Mobile Networking Technology Deployment

Network-centric and mobile enterprise initiatives in government and commercial circles aim to extend the edge of the traditional business network well beyond the walls of the office, ouRead More...

Integrated CPUs and PC/104 Increase Control Performance

When selecting a PC-based controller for industrial control applications, system design engineers are often faced with three common, limiting factors. These factors are power, heat and Read More...

Solutions Engineering

XMC: Enhanced Connector Design Solves Insertion/Removal Stress

The VITA 42 Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC), developed by the VITA Standards Organization (VSO), combines the small form-factor envelope made popular by its predecessor PMC, with a new hiRead More...

Special Section

Mining the Web for Interesting Industry Info

Finding information on the World Wide Web can sometimes be reminiscent of looking for books on a certain subject in a large university library. All the books are cataloged according to Read More...