July 2007

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

PICMG Firmware Upgrade Capability Supports ATCA, AMC and MicroTCA PICMG has released a new specification that defines an open mechanism for systems to upgrade the resident managemRead More...

Industry Insight

DSP and x86 – Getting Past the Hype in Processor Architecture

More and more people are now making the argument that it is appropriate to use x86-based general-purpose processors for applications traditionally reserved for Digital Signal ProcessorsRead More...

Software & Development Tools

Linux and FOSS: End-to-End (and Top-to-Bottom, Too)

Beginning in the 1990s, Linux and other Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) began an inexorable march from hobbyist-ware into the enterprise and continued out to a range of embedded anRead More...

Solutions Engineering

PC/104 Data Acquisition for Industrial Applications

Personal Computer (PC)-based automation and data acquisition have become entrenched over the years in applications such as industrial process control, factory automation, test equipmentRead More...

New Stacking for PC/104: USB Grows Up – and Up and Up

A sure sign of valuable real estate is when the buildings start getting taller. Manhattan, Tokyo, Los Angeles—they all boast tall skyscrapers that attest to their ultra-premium prRead More...

Technology in Context

Advanced Vision Platforms Based on AdvancedTCA Architecture

Machine vision system integrators and equipment providers are constantly in search of new solutions and high-performance computers that are capable of executing complex algorithms for iRead More...