July 2007

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

PICMG Firmware Upgrade Capability Supports ATCA, AMC and MicroTCA PICMG has released a new specification that defines an open mechanism for systems to upgrade the resident managemRead More...

Industry Insight

DSP and x86 – Getting Past the Hype in Processor Architecture

More and more people are now making the argument that it is appropriate to use x86-based general-purpose processors for applications traditionally reserved for Digital Signal ProcessorsRead More...

Software & Development Tools

Linux and FOSS: End-to-End (and Top-to-Bottom, Too)

Beginning in the 1990s, Linux and other Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) began an inexorable march from hobbyist-ware into the enterprise and continued out to a range of embedded anRead More...

Solutions Engineering

New Stacking for PC/104: USB Grows Up – and Up and Up

A sure sign of valuable real estate is when the buildings start getting taller. Manhattan, Tokyo, Los Angeles—they all boast tall skyscrapers that attest to their ultra-premium prRead More...

PC/104 Data Acquisition for Industrial Applications

Personal Computer (PC)-based automation and data acquisition have become entrenched over the years in applications such as industrial process control, factory automation, test equipmentRead More...

Technology in Context

Advanced Vision Platforms Based on AdvancedTCA Architecture

Machine vision system integrators and equipment providers are constantly in search of new solutions and high-performance computers that are capable of executing complex algorithms for iRead More...