December 2007

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Multiple Companies Showcase Interoperability of Wireless Home Area Network for Energy Management A diverse ZigBee-powered home area network (HAN) is now on display at CenterPoint ERead More...

Industry Insight

SAS Sharpens Blade Servers

Blade server systems shrink computing and storage capabilities that could fill up an entire rack, into a compact package as small as 7U and as large as 19U. The advantages of a blade seRead More...

News, Views & Comment

NEWS, VIEWS & Comment

It’s hard these days to read the financial section of the paper or listen to a business report without hearing the term “global economy.” A lot of things are happeningRead More...

Software & Development Tools

Multicore – What’s the Big Deal?

Why do we need multicore? The simple answer is that with multicore we continue pushing the performance/power envelope through parallel processing rather than increasing the clock speed Read More...

Solutions Engineering

PCI Express Outside the Box

Now that PCI Express has achieved nearly 100% acceptance in desktop and laptop PCs, over 60 form-factors have been defined using PCIe as the backplane bus architecture. Earlier this yeaRead More...

CompactPCI Express Comes of Age

In the two years since CompactPCI Express (CPCIe) was formally adopted as a standard by PICMG, several companies in the industrial, transportation, medical, and test and measurement indRead More...